Swan shore

60km ~3h – 4h

The destination of the safari is Swanshore, which is a privately owned by Perhesafarit. The trail to Swanhore goes alongside two famous fells called Kätkä and Pyhä. At the destination there are two Laplander´s huts and for sunny days an outdoor fireplace, providing the necessary space for bigger groups. At Swanshore there is an amazing view to Aakenus fell, which is one of the most beautiful fells in Lapland. In the cozy Laplander´s hut, around warming fire, we will eat sandwiches, grill sausages and drink hot beverages. If you preorder, it is possible to have a different menu for the safari, reindeer stew for an example. After the break we will return to Levi through a different route. The safari is about 60km long and it will take approximately three hours.

210 € / person (1 person / snowmobile)
155 € /person (2 person / snowmobile)

Safari to the Swanshore at 2015: