Around Kätkä fell

45km ~2h 30min

You have the chance to admire the arctic nature on its best, when we drive over frozen marshlands and through snowy forests. After 30 km drive, we stop in a former loggers´ cabin, nowadays Hanhipirtti café, which is located in the lap of two famous fells Kätkä and Pyhä and on the side of Pyhäjärvi Lake.

Hanhipirtti café offers us an amazing, cozy and peaceful atmosphere for a coffee break. Warm waffles and hot drinks refreshes the traveler. After the break, we continue our journey 15 km towards Levi center. By pre-ordering, it is possible to enjoy a tasty lunch at Hanhipirtti café.
Length of the safari is about 45km and it will take about 2,5 hours.

182 € / person ( 1 person / snowmobile)
128 € / person ( 2 persons / snowmobile)
72 € / child (3 – 12 yo.)